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Zon@t - In-Store Radio & Advertising

Almotech’s In-Store Radio music system allows you to create the perfect playlists for your business through our vast music library, which currently has over 200,000 tracks. Choose from our 3 different libraries: Copyright, Royalty Free and Sound Alike Music. Easy to install and capable of playing multiple different zones at once, the Zon@t is the only music source your business needs. Our system also offers personalised advertising and a customised News, Weather and Sports bulletin service.

Retail Audio

Almotech are the specialists when it comes to retail radio. Our specially designed playlists from our 3 music libraries, Copyright, Royalty Free and Sound Alike; provide the right atmosphere in your premises. We provide a complete, professionally recorded advert creation service or; if you prefer; you can record your own in-store advertisements from the comfort of your own office. The Almotech system is a key ingredient to increase your sales.

Almotech Retail Music
Almotech Fashion Music

Fashion Audio

From high energy teenage music to sophisticated luxury browsing Almotech can create the mood for you. When the music suits your customers they spend more time in your store. Convert browsers into sales with targeted advertising created specifically for your store.

Hotel & Leisure Audio

Almotech provide a range of multi zone players and has the engineers to install and maintain your system. We provide music genres to suit all of the facilities in your Hotel or leisure centre. Premade playlist ranging from classical to contemporary are easily selected using our online user interface. Royalty Free music in public areas can significantly reduce your licensing costs.

Almotech Hotel Music
Almotech Deli Music

Petrol Station & Deli Audio

Almotech provides and fit speakers and amplifiers to provide the correct music and advertising levels throughout your premises. External speakers fitted to the forecourt can be separately controlled and targeted messages can be delivered in order to up sell the products in store. A multi-zone player can provide increased frequency of advertising and messages to the forecourt without overloading this content in the store. Individual volume control allows you to mute the outdoor speakers as required.

Family Restaurant Audio

Welcoming and informative messaging is becoming more important for all food outlets as well as family restaurants. This “Good to Know” style messaging reassures the customers of the source and quality of the food served; thus ensuring repeat visits. Almotech provide a range of suitable music to suit any atmosphere and schedule this music to suit the appropriate time of day. We offer all inclusive hardware packages that offer certainty around breakdown calls and hardware upgrades.

Almotech Restaurant Music
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