Digital Signage Information
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Digital Signage Information

Almotech Media Solutions offers a variety of video advertising products including: Video Menu Boards, digital signage and digital posters. The Almotech video media player is a very small, easy to fit product that fits directly behind the screen. The delivery system uses individual players, allowing different content to be displayed on each screen. Video Advertising catches your customer’s attention in a more subtle way as opposed to direct advertising through posters and other traditional methods.

Almotech Video Menu Boards

Video Menu Boards

Video menu boards are the ultimate tool to increase profits. We design your menu and schedule your video content to the appropriate time of the day. All screens operate independently from each other offering the opportunity to display a variety of content. We design customised, high quality videos to suit your businesses requirements. We can display your menu in a way that is both eye catching and easy to read.

Digital Signage

Almotech provide Digital Signage for a range of different retail, hospitality and leisure establishments. Digital Signage allows your business to advertise your products in the most effective way possible. Emphasise new products, price changes, latest offers, competitions or congratulate your local sports team on their latest win. The possibilities are endless! Digital Signage can help you achieve your sale targets easily and affordably.

Almotech Digital Signage
Almotech Digital Posters

Digital Posters

Digital Posters are the perfect way to welcome your customers into your store. Advertise your products or services and deliver your message in a modern, slick and engaging way. Digital Posters ensure an absolute focus of attention. Our vertical, High Definition screens commonly range between 24 and 65 inches but we also cater for above and below if required. Like our ‘Video Menu boards’ and ‘Digital Signage’ we design your content and schedule it to the appropriate time of the day. We maintain all video players and offer 24/7 support.

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