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At Almotech, we offer video advertising solutions to ensure a personalised, highly engaging way to communicate with your customers. Why not increase your profit margin by promoting your products in HD video presentations.

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Almotech In-Store Radio

Atmosphere is everything when it comes to your business. The Zon@t - In-Store music system allows you to create the right mood for your customers with the right music, customised advertising and news bulletin services.

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Case Studies

Almotech is a one stop in-house media solutions company. We offer in-store radio, digital signage, video menu boards, and digital posters to the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. Take a look at some of Almotech's diverse range of clients.

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Digital Signage & Video Menu Boards

Almotech Video Advertising Explainer Video

Digital Signage & Video Menu Boards

Almotech's Video Advertising/Digital Signage offers you the opportunity to portray your messages successfully to your customers at the time you feel most effective. Increase your profit margin by promoting your product in HD video presentations. Replace traditional printed posters and other costly transparencies with highly engaging, eye catching graphics. From Menu Boards to high end fashion retailer stores, our digital content can be created to suit any aspect of your business.

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Almotech In-store Radio

Almotech In-store Radio

At Almotech, we provide our own unique player that can deliver music and advertising in-store. The In-Store Music System allows you to have full control to schedule music, playlists, advertising and news bulletins to reflect the cliental or the time of day. It also allows you to record messages and schedule adverts at the appropriate times. Almotech operates and maintains three separate music libraries of copyright, sound alike and rights inclusive music. We also provide customised advertising and news bulletin services.

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Almotech In Store Radio & Advertising Explainer Video

Case Studies

Almotech Case Studies - The Europe Hotel

Case Study

Discover how Almotech can help any aspect of your business by providing high quality media content. Atmosphere is everything when it comes to your business and nobody has the same music and digital signage needs as you do. Almotech cater for each client individually, providing quality service and content for your unique needs. Take a look below at some of the businesses we are currently helping.

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Almotech Client Burger King
Almotech Client Supervalu
Almotech Client Centra
Almotech Client Shaws
Almotech Client Elverys Sports
Almotech Client Spar

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